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The Eccentric Caliper Mount is designed to work in conjunction with the Eric's Eccentric ENO Disc hub.

The ENO eccentric disc hub allows movement of the axle in an elliptical arc to tension the chain.  This introduces a new problem since the disc rotor can be moved away from the center of rotation and from the stationary caliper mounted to your frame.  The Eccentric Caliper mount solves this problem by allowing the the disc brake caliper to move in the same elliptical arc as the hub to achieve proper rotor-to-caliper alignment.

The eccentric mount replaces the caliper frame mount to allow the disc brake caliper to rotate in the same elliptical arc as the hub. The adapter will work with post mount Hayes, Avid, and Shimano brakes. The original caliper frame mount will need to be unbolted from the caliper and replaced with the eccentric mount.

Adapter will NOT work with all disc brakes.

Made in USA.


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