Review: Custom Zipp/Industry Nine Gravel Wheelset

"In a nutshell, the handbuilt gravel wheelset is an extremely solid and reliable package that is perfect for gravel – or pavement use as well. The Zipp 30 Course rims can be setup with tubes, but honestly, exploit the virtues of tubeless tyres – it is all I ride on gravel and I’ve begun shifting my road bikes to tubeless as well. "

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Wheelbuilder AeroJacket Disc Cover - Final Thoughts

"In short, the AeroJacket is without a doubt the most speed you can purchase for under $100. It might even be difficult to buy this much time on the bike leg for twice the price, short of a speed suit, which isn’t all that practical for the other two disciplines. If your spouse will put you in the dog house if you so much as look at a new set of race wheels, we humbly suggest you take a long look at the AeroJacket. ... "

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Technical FAQ: Powertap rim choices

"Here is the response from Rich Sawiris, owner and founder of, expert on wheels and making them with Powertap hubs.... "

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Technical FAQ: Clydesdale road wheels

"Rich Sawiris at is indeed fantastic at making wheels for big guys, and he wrote this in response to your question... "

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mtbr-for-press-page1.jpg ENVE & Derby Wheels Review

" builds wheels exclusively so they’ve gotten mighty good at it. They’ve built wheels for Olympians, Grand Tour riders and teams and the most demanding consumers. Building their reputation on the road market, they’ve diversified in recent years in to the mountain bike market."

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Peloton Magazine

"Zipp, Reynolds, DT Swiss and a host of other brands are making fast, durable, stiff wheels that are better than anything the wheel builders of yesterday could make. What they don’t do is allow you to mix and match rims, hubs, spokes or nipples to create a one-of-kind wheelset that checks every box you can dream up. This is where comes in."

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Enve-Kappius 29er Wheelset by

"Performance was flawless during our 2 months of testing. Initially, we heard the drivetrain pop a coup,e of times but that turned out to be the shimano chain settling in to the SRAM cog. The cogset had a little drag initially and pushes the crank around when coasting but that went away on the second ride."

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VeloNews, "Technical FAQ with Lennard Zinn: Wheelbuilder extraordinaire Rich Sawiris"

"Rich Sawiris grew up racing BMX, but what he really liked was tinkering with wheels that had come out of whack. He was single-minded in his pursuit of the proper spoke tension that made his wheels stable and long-lasting, as well as stiff and true. He followed this passion into building wheels for the best local riders and on up, until he and his company became the go-to source of pro teams for wheels they could depend on for events notoriously brutal on wheels, like Paris-Roubaix."

NY Velocity Article, "Rich Sawiris, Master Wheelbuilder"

"Years ago, as a budding young photographer, I cornered a very successful shooter and grilled him with many specific technical questions, and he surprised me by answering them all. Disarmed by his unusual candor, I asked him why he was willing to give up so many trade secrets. He answered, "I can tell you all the stuff in the world, but nothing I say to you is going to give you what I've got up here" (pointing to his head).  

Rich Sawiris of reminds me of that photographer. He recently helped a teammate and me with parts and advice for a Powertap/carbon rim wheelbuild (my 2nd with Rich's help), and his generosity was just as refreshing. Like that photographer, his openness betrayed a confidence in the breadth of his experience."

Wheelbuilder Aerojacket Disc Covers featured in Aero For Cheap: Affordable Triathlon Gear in October, 2010 issue of Triathlete Magazine

"Disc wheels are fast because they present a solid surface that air can smoothly flow over. They do not need special foam cores or carbon sidewalls to be aerodynamic. The Aerojacket allows an everyday training wheel to achieve the aerodynamic characteristics of an expensive disc by covering the spokes with two sheets of plastic. Although it is hard to believe that such a simple product can achieve the aerodynamic characteristics of a high tech disc, similar covers have been validated in the wind tunnel so, at $99, the Aerojacket is arguably the savviest speed-per-dollar bike upgrade on the market." 


Wheelbuilder Aerojacket Disc Cover Review in August, 2010 issue of Triathlete Magazine

"Despite simple design and construction, the Aerojacket turns an inexpensive training wheel into an aerodynamic thoroughbred. It does not have the appeal of a true disc, but the Aerojacket disc cover is the best drag-saving value in all of cycling."