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The DT Swiss Ratchet Wheel-mounting System (RWS) offers a unique way to securely fasten wheels. The RWS builds clamping force by tightening a bolted connection with an aluminum ratchet handle (lever).  Wheel attachment requires minimal effort and provides a significant increase in clamping force compared with traditional eccentric quick release designs.

Handling the RWS is simple: tighten the system by firmly turning the lever clockwise by hand (min. 15 Nm). After tightening, place the lever in an optimal position by raising the spring-loaded handle and rotating it into place. To release, turn the lever counterclockwise. 


DT Swiss RWS Skewer Identification Details
Description Part Number

Spindle Length

(includes thread)

Weight Material
Front 100mm QR Steel -2932S 112mm 50g  Steel
Front 100mm QR Titanium -2953S 112mm   44g Titanium
 Rear 130mm QR Steel -1050S 145mm  53g  Steel
  Rear 130mm QR Titanium -1052S 145mm  46g  Titanium
 Rear 135mm QR Steel -2943S 148mm  54g  Steel
 Rear 135mm QR Titanium -2940S 148mm   47g Titanium 

  Rear 145mm QR Steel

-3338S  157mm  55g  Steel


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