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DT Swiss RWS 12mm Thru Axles

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The DT Swiss Ratchet Wheel-mounting System (RWS) offers a unique way to securely fasten wheels. The RWS builds clamping force by tightening a bolted connection with an aluminum ratchet handle (lever).  Wheel attachment requires minimal effort and provides a significant increase in clamping force compared with traditional eccentric quick release designs.

IMPORTANT FITMENT INFORMATION: Please read before purchasing

Thru Axles must be specified by three parameters:

  1. Total length
  2. Attachment seat type
  3. Thread pitch and thread length 
The diagrams below will help you measure these parameters correctly.  After identifying the information for your axle refer to the table below for part numbers matching the drop down menu items.  
Step 1: Start by measuring the total axle length from the point where it contacts your frame/fork to the end of the threads.



Step 2: Attachment seat type. This is the contact point between the thru axle and your frame/fork.  Attachment will either be flat seat or cone shaped seat type.


 Step 3: Thread details.  Thread pitch is the distance from one thread to the next.  If you do not have an accurate measurement tool it is easiest to count threads in groups as follows

For a 1.5mm thread pitch 6 threads will cover approximately 10mm in total length.  For a 1.0mm thread pitch 10 threads will cover exactly 10mm in length.


For more detailed information on measuring your frame check out our blog post Thru Axles Demystified

DT Swiss RWS Thru Axle Identification Details
Description Part Number

Spindle Length

(includes thread)

Thread Length Thread Pitch  Attachment Seat Type

Front 12x100mm TA


-1460S 121mm 13mm 1.5mm Flat

 Rear E-Thru Road 142x12mm


-1459S 163mm  13mm 1.5mm Flat
  Rear X-12 TA 142x12mm  -2955S 162.5mm  15mm 1.0mm Cone
 Rear TA 142x12mm -2961S 167.7mm  15mm 1.0mm Flat
Rear TA Boost 148x12mm -6778S 178mm  12mm 1.5mm Flat

 Rear TA Boost 148x12mm

-2155S  173.7mm 15mm 1.0mm Flat

Rear TA Boost X-12 148x12mm

-9566S 168.5mm 15mm 1.0mm Cone


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