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DT Swiss RWS 9mm & 10mm Thru Bolts

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he DT Swiss Ratchet Wheel-mounting System (RWS) offers a unique way to securely fasten wheels. The RWS builds clamping force by tightening a bolted connection with an aluminum ratchet handle (lever).  Wheel attachment requires minimal effort and provides a significant increase in clamping force compared with traditional eccentric quick release designs.  

The 9mm (front) and 10mm (rear) Thru Bolts (including nut) are used in place of Quick Release skewers on standard frame and fork configurations with open dropouts.  Overall frame and fork stiffness can be significantly improved due to the increased diameter of the thru bolt. 

This is a great option for frames/forks with a tendency to flex or for those seeking to improve power transfer efficiency.  Hubs must be able to accommodate the larger diameter Thru Bolts, which include a fastening nut.  Most DT Swiss hubs can be converted with end caps to allow the use of Thru Bolts.  Note, the hub must be compatible with a 9mm Front or 10mm Rear Thru Bolt system.

Handling the RWS is simple: tighten the system by firmly turning the lever clockwise by hand (min. 15 Nm). After tightening, place the lever in an optimal position by raising the spring-loaded handle and rotating it into place. To release, turn the lever counterclockwise. 


DT Swiss RWS Thru Bolt Identification Details
Description Part Number

Spindle Length

(includes thread)

Weight Material
Front 9 x 100mm Thru Bolt (includes nut) -2935S 115mm 58g  Alum
 Rear 135 x 10mm Thru Bolt (includes nut) -2945S 152mm 70g

Important: Check your frame compatibility. This DT Swiss Thru Bolt includes a nut, whereas a DT Swiss Thru Axle threads directly into the bike. If you are unsure if this is the right skewer for your bike contact us.

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