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Phil Wood Carbonyte high-performance bearings are designed for speed. Carbonyte bearings will not match the endurance or longevity of Phil's standard bearings, but provide extremely low rolling resistance for race day use.

Carbonyte bearings are constructed from high-quality stainless steel cartridge bearings made to Phil Wood's exacting specifications and stringent tolerance requirements. Carbonyte bearings use a proprietary Carbonyte grease applied to provide protection against wear while allowing for the low rolling resistance you would expect from a race-day bearing. Bearing seals are are not full-contact, so we do not recommend these bearings off road or wet/corrosive environments. This bearing is for racing or fair weather riding.

Phil Wood bearings can be used to replace bearings found in many other cycling manufacturers' parts. Please see the dimensions and part numbers to determine which bearings best meet your needs. If you need assistance determining the appropriate bearing size, please contact us. If at all possible, please provide your existing bearing dimensions (inner diameter, outer diameter, and width) so we can determine the bearing(s) you’ll need.

Founded in 1971, Phil Wood & Co. is one of the oldest American cycling component manufacturers still in existence.  Phil Wood was the first to introduce sealed bearings in bicycle hubs. The company has developed a cult following and is known for building strong timeless components.

Inventory Note: We stock a wide variety of Phil Wood bearings, however our inventory fluctuates daily. We may need to order bearings with an average lead time of 2-4 business days. If your order is time sensitive we encourage you to contact us for up to the minute product availability and shipping lead times.

Phil P/N Common Bearing Name I.D. O.D. Width
PWNR8 R8 12.7mm 28.5mm 8mm
PWN01  6001 12mm 28mm 8mm
PWN82 6802 15mm 24mm 5mm
PWN83 6803 17mm 26mm 5mm
PWN91 6901 12mm 24mm 6mm
PWN92 6902 15mm 28mm 7mm
PWN93 6903 17mm 30mm 7mm
PWN84  6804 20mm  32mm  7mm 

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