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The definitive anti-friction, anti-vibration treatment for spoke threads. Apply to clean threads like paint. Allow to dry, then build and ride..


  • Richer in PTFE (aka, Teflon) providing unmatched friction reduction especially important for thin spokes and high tension. Less friction = less windup = more accuracy = less effort = faster builds = better wheels.
  • When dried, its rubbery texture is less crusty.
  • Anti-vibration thread friction is very low but permanent even after adjustments.
  • No ammonia—better for nose and environment. Water based.
  • Easy to speed cure with a heat gun.
  • Compatible with all lubes needed between nipple and rim and to resist nipple surface corrosion.

Each bottle comes with a handy York tip that, if clogged, can be easily cleared with a spoke. Filled in LDPE extra soft bottles for easy dispensing.

Each experienced builder prefers a particular spoke thread treatment. For many, FIX is the hands-down best and yields the most luxurious and effective building experience.  

Additional Information:

  • Price is for one 15 ml bottle, Instructions included
  • 15ml fixes about 75 wheels

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