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DT Swiss MTB hubs are extremely versatile. DT Swiss endcap adapters easily convert stock hubs to QR, 9mm thru bolt, 12mm thru, 15mm thru, or 20mm thru with the use of a vise and the Park Tool AV-5 Axle Vise Tool. Use the table below to determine what conversions are possible and which endcaps you need to convert your DT Swiss hub.

Visit DT Swiss' Compatibility Chart for further information.

Note: Axle configurations are constantly changing, if you do not see your axle configuration please contact us for availability.

Additional notes for using conversion table below:

1) Match your hub type to left most column.  Read notes regarding hub model compatibility.

2) Look carefully at conversion descriptions for your conversion.  There are small differences in end caps for straight pull, 11 speed Road, and SRAM vs Shimano drive systems.

3) If your hub was made by DT Swiss for an OEM brand such as Specialized, Giant, Trek or other THIS TABLE DOES NOT APPLY TO YOUR HUB.

Front MTB or Road Disc Hub Stock Setup Available Conversion Conversion Part#

180 Center Lock Disc (2014-2018) NOT COMPATIBLE with 2019+ EXP hubs

(Hubs equipped with 17mm axle)


QR 15mm F-S6282S
15mm QR F-S6318S
QR or 15mm RWS 9mm thru-bolt F-07567S
QR or 15mm 12mm F-S7564S

240s FIFTEEN Center Lock Disc

(Hubs equipped with 18mm axle)

(Includes straightpull and standard flange hubs)

QR 15mm F-S4468S
15mm QR F-02328S
QR or 15mm RWS 9mm thru-bolt F-02326S
QR or 15mm 12mm  F-S7000S
QR or 15mm 15mm Torque Cap Rock Shox F-09101S
240s 6-bolt ISO Disc (hi-lo flange) QR RWS 9mm thru-bolt F-01919S
240s Lefty Lefty None N/A
240s OS 6-bolt ISO Disc 20mm x110mm NOT BOOST QR F-S2479S
RWS 9mm thru-bolt F-02478S
15mm x 100 NOT Boost F-02477S
QR, 9mm or 15mm 20mm x 110mm NOT Boost F-S2480S
350 Center Lock Disc & 350 ISO Disc
(Includes straightpull and standard flange hubs)
12mm or 15mm QR F-N4369S axle insert (15mm to 12mm only),
F-S3801S end cap
12mm 15mm F-04785S
15mm 12mm  F-S6885S
QR Not convertible N/A
12mm or 15mm 15mm Torque Cap Rock Shox F-09100S
Rear MTB Hub Stock Setup Available Conversion(s) Conversion Part#

180 Center Lock Disc (-2018)
240s All current models
350 All current models

Applies to Star Ratchet designs only!


Any DT Swiss MTB hub. Shimano or Campy only.



NOTE: MTB Straight Pull hubs cannot be converted
for 11 speed road cassette use. Cassette will contact
hub shell.
135xQR MTB or 10-Speed road Shimano HG R-01528S
135xQR 11-speed road SP hub (NOT MTB SP!) Shimano R-06383S
135xQR 11-speed road J-Bend hub Shimano R-02777S
135x10mm thru-bolt endcaps MTB/10-Spd road Shimano R-01803S
135x10mm thru-bolt endcaps 11-Spd road Shimano R-04634S
135x10mm SP HUB thru-bolt endcaps 11-Spd road Shimano  R-06560S or   R-04634S
135x12mm thru-axle endcaps MTB/10-Spd road Shimano HG R-02218S
135x12mm thru-axle endcaps 11-Spd road Shimano R-03910S
135x12mm SP HUBS thru-axle endcaps 11-Spd road Shimano R-07569S or   R-03910S
142x12mm MTB/10-Spd road endcaps Shimano HG R-02193C
142x12 11spd Shimano R-03525S
142x12 SP HUBS 11spd Shimano R-06333S or   R-03525S
142x12 CAMPY Drive side end cap only 1 piece R-S5870S
Any MTB hub with SRAM XD body only. NOT XDR! 135xQR for SRAM XD R-S3115S
10mm RWS thru-bolt for SRAM XD R-S3218S
135x12mm thru-axle for SRAM XD (endcaps only) R-S3382S

142x12mm thru-axle for SRAM XD (endcaps only)


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