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Chris King R45 Rear Axles

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If you are looking to convert or replace the axle on your existing Chris King R45 hub, visit this page to choose between all of the available Chris King R45 rear hub axles as well as end cap and adjustment clamp options.

  • Available Axle Configurations: (B)=Black Color Available
    • PHB718: 130 x QR, Shimano 10spd
    • PHB761(B): 130 x QR, Shimano 11spd
    • PHB646: 135 x QR Shimano 11spd R45D & CL (limited to remaining inventory)
    • PHB645(B): 142 x 12 Shimano 11spd R45 Gen 2 (S/N 6910+) & CL
    • PHB641: 135 x QR Shimano 11 Spd R45D G1 (S/N below 6910) (limited to remaining inventory)
    • PHB796(B): 142 x 12mm XDR -R45 12 speed 
    • PHB798(B): 130mm XDR, QR -R45 12 speed 
  • Optional Axle Ends and Adjusting Clamps: (B)=Black Color Available
    • PHB720(B): Rear QR axle end cap for R45 non-disc
    • PHB710(B): Rear Axle Adjusting clamp R45D Gen 1 and Non-Disc
    • PHB768: Rear QR axle end cap for R45D Gen 2 (S/N 6910+) (limited to remaining inventory)
    • PHB735(B): Rear axle adjusting clamp for R45D and Centerlock
    • PHB736: Rear axle adjusting clamp for R45D Gen 2 (S/N 6910+) (limited to remaining inventory)
  • DISCONTINUED AXLES & PARTS (P/N's for information only)
    • PHB643: 142 x 12 Shimano 11spd GEN 1 DISCONTINUED
    • PHB648: 135 x QR Campagnolo, R45D G2 DISCONTINUED
    • PHB753: 130 x QR Campagnolo - DISCONTINUED
    • PHB648: 135 x QR Campagnolo, R45D G2 DISCONTINUED 

Inventory Note: We stock a wide variety of Chris King hub parts, however our inventory fluctuates daily. We may need to order hub parts with an average lead time of 2-3 business days. Some parts may take longer. If your order is time sensitive we encourage you to contact us for up to the minute product availability and shipping lead times.

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