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Zipp’s 3ZERO MOTO carbon 27.5 and 29 enduro/trail rims were inspired by moto to provide riders with the control and durability required for maintaining trail speed.


Moto remains a powerful source of inspiration for Zipp's single-walled approach called Moto Technology™. This design allows the rims to “pivot” from either side of the spoke bed while traversing rough terrain. As the wheel encounters obstacles, each edge of the rim is designed for compliance, creating the feel of extra suspension. For the rider that means durability and control for greater speed.  Key benefits include:

  • Higher impact resistance
  • Reduced chance of pinch flatting
  • More traction in rough corners
  • Smoother ride in rocky terrain
  • Ability to run lower tire pressure
  • Reduced rider fatigue


Wheelbuilder has more experience building Zipp wheels than anyone outside the Zipp factory.  As a factory authorized service center with over 20 years, and thousands of Zipp builds, in our knowledge base Wheelbuilder is uniquely qualified to handcraft a custom Zipp wheel for almost any application.  Whether you're looking for heavy duty trail wheels to improve traction and durability, the ultimate World Enduro Series weapon, or unique colors and hub combinations to match your style, we can help personalize your next Zipp 3ZERO MOTO wheelset. 

Please visit our Custom Zipp MTB Wheel page to configure your next set of Zipp wheels.


  • Price: Listed price is for ONE RIM
  • Decals: Zipp Logo available in either Silver(Foil/Chrome), or Slate (Stealth). Unless requested Wheelbuilder specs Slate decals
  • Pinstripe: Available in 8 colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Stealth, Teal, White, Yellow. Wheelbuilder stocks Red and Slate
  • Rim Washers: must be used and are included with rims
  • Spoke Requirement: Minimum spoke wire diameter 1.6mm across center span.  
  • TyreWiz: Tire pressure monitoring system available as an add-on includes both a front and rear sensor (2 pcs)
  27.5" 29er
External Width 37.5mm 37.5mm
Internal Width  30mm  30mm
Hole Count 32H  32H
Weight  536g  567g 
Tire Type Tubeless Clincher Tubeless Clincher
Rim Depth 14.5mm 14.5mm 
Recommended Tire Size 2.35"-2.6"  2.35"-2.6"  




Zipp Science:

Lateral stiffness – In a sharp turn, the rim remains stiff, providing confidence that the wheel is firmly planted. Combine with wide hub flanges to provide better spoke-bracing angles which help to increase the lateral stiffness.

Torsional windup – Zipp uses a 32 spoke count to maximize torsional stiffness to handle high pedaling torque efficiently. 

Radial Compliance – When you hit a rock, the system is designed to act as a shock absorber. Zipp’s MOTO Technology allows the rim to flex, which absorbs the impact energy and spreads it away from the impact zone for increased durability. In essence, more of the rim carries the load from the impact.

“Ankle” Compliance – Imagine a runner rounding a sharp turn, the ankle naturally flexing to maintain grip as the runner leans. The rim can locally flex to stay parallel to the ground during cornering, which increases traction much like a human ankle. This ability to twist locally allows it to deflect during single bead impacts without the rider getting bounced off line.

Durability and ride quality – 3ZERO MOTO rim strength and impact resistance is maximized by adding compliance in the system, allowing better distribution of stress. As for ride quality, the finished wheel deflects as much as three times more than most box-section carbon wheels. The extra compliance behaves like extra suspension, but it also spreads the impact energy over a larger area. This also benefits the rider in the form of pinch flat prevention.


Zipp is confident in the durability that MOTO Technology™ provides. Each 3ZERO MOTO wheelset or rim includes a lifetime warranty for product issues that happen during your gnarliest Trail or Enduro use.  Lifetime warranty valid for original owner and is not transferable.

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