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Zipp’s 303 Firecrest® Tubeless Disc-brake rim has been completely redesigned to tackle a world of imperfect conditions, road surfaces, and elements where the bottom line is simple. Efficiency = speed. It’s faster, lighter, and more capable over varied terrain—whether the surface is pavement in all its conditions or no pavement at all. Deeply rooted in Zipp’s drive to conquer the Spring Classics, the new 303 Firecrest is remade with a purpose-made approach for the demands of modern road bikes. When it comes to going fast on a bicycle, efficiency means reduced: Wind resistance, rolling resistance, rider fatigue, weight. The 303 Firecrest Tubeless Disc-brake was designed using real-world direct measurements (vs. primarily wind tunnel or computer simulation). The results were huge. Its rim is slightly more bulbous in design than its predecessor, with a 30mm outside width, a 25mm internal width, and a 40mm rim depth. The profile provides low drag and an improved transition between rim and tire, boosting aero efficiency on the road. The wide rim stance also features less tire deflection for reduced rolling resistance. The combination of the wider tire, increased tire volume, and lower tire pressure helps to reduce rider fatigue by smoothing out the ride over imperfect pavement and road conditions—the tire and wheel system absorbs the shaking, not the rider.

Wheelbuilder has more experience building Zipp wheels than anyone outside the Zipp factory.  As a factory authorized service center with over 20 years and thousands of Zipp builds in our knowledge base, Wheelbuilder is uniquely qualified to handcraft a custom Zipp wheel for almost any application.  Whether you're looking for heavy duty wheels to improve durability, further weight savings for the ultimate climber, or unique colors and hub combinations to match your style, we can help personalize your next Zipp wheelset. 

While Wheelbuilder doesn't offer the Zipp 303 Tubeless Clincher Disc Brake rim for individual sale, we can custom build your dream set of Zipp wheels using this rim.  Please visit our Custom Zipp Carbon Disc Brake Wheels page to configure your next set of Zipp wheels.  

Rim Specifications: 

  • Zipp 303 Firecrest Tubeless Clincher Disc Brake Rim 
    • Weight: 365g +/- 5%
    • Size: 700C
    • Available hole count: 24
    • Rim depth: 40mm 
    • Max width: 30mm 
    • Internal width: 25mm 
    • Max recommended tire pressure: 75 psi- 28C tire, 70 psi- 30C tire
    • External nipples: Yes

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