Sapim D-Light Double Butted Spoke

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Sapim D-Light double butted spoke features a unique wire butting placed just behind the final thread.  This butting eliminates any additional material in the barrel segment of the spoke, which reduces weight near the rim.  Please note this butting technique does not allow custom lengths to be cut since there is no additional 2.0mm material on the barrel of the wire to thread. 

D-Light spokes also feature a 1.65mm center section for further weight reduction compared to standard 1.8mm double butted spokes.  The 1.65mm center section makes the D-Light easier to build with compared to the 1.5mm models.  Spokes are approved for both disc brake and MTB use. 

Sapim butted spokes have two major benefits: less weight and more strength. Technological advances using cold forging "stretch" the spoke, retaining the linear molecular structure of the material, thereby increasing the spoke strength in the middle section.

Technical Information:

  • Weight: 32 spokes weigh 153g (32 x 260mm); 4.8g / spoke
  • Dimensions: Neck 2.0mm, Center 1.65mm, Thread 2.0mm 14g. Threaded portion cannot be shortened
  • Spoke neck type: J-bend 
  • Colors: black 
  • Standard lengths: 260mm - 302mm 


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