Sapim CX-Ray Bladed Spoke

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CX-Ray is Sapim's most versatile aero spoke. Sapim claims the CX-Ray has the highest fatigue test values of any spoke available.  Its unique strength and flexibility make the CX-Ray suitable for most high-end bicycle disciplines from road racing to Triathlon and even Downhill.   

The CX-Ray fits all standard hub holes due to it's 2.3mm maximum dimension at the widest portion of the blade. With a weight nearly 30% lighter than standard double butted spokes, it is almost as light as Titanium. 

CX-Ray aero spokes are produced from high-tensile, fatigue-resistant 18/8 stainless steel, ideally suited for the rigorous demands of cycling. 

Technical information:

  • Weight: 64 spokes weigh 282g (64 x 264mm); 4.41g / spoke
  • Dimensions: Neck 2.0mm, Blade 0.9x2.3mm, Thread 2.0mm 14g
  • Spoke Neck Type: J-Bend or Straight Pull
  • Colors: black, silver, white-(limited lengths, J-bend only) 
  • Standard lengths: Even lengths from 174mm - 310mm
  • Custom lengths: Odd lengths 173mm - 309mm Can be cut/thread-rolled for a $0.40 Non-refundable surcharge
  • DT Swiss Spoke Holder Tool available here


1 Review

Matt Schirle Apr 23rd 2019

My Favorite Spokes

I've been riding these spokes for over two years now and have found them to be super strong and reliable. What originally sold me on them was I noticed that upgrading from relatively standard DT Swiss competition spokes to these costs less than upgrading from DT Swiss 350 hubs to 240s hubs while also saving slightly more weight. Plus the weight savings will be further from the axis of rotation making a more noticeable difference. Another big plus to bladed spokes for home mechanics like myself is they make your wheels easier to build and maintain, since it's very easy to avoid winding them up. If there's room in your budget, I highly recommend these spokes!

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