Sapim Brass Reduction Nipple 13G

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Sapim Reduction nipples are designed to permit the use of 2.3mm (13G) spokes with rims drilled for 2.0mm (14G) nipples.  Most bicycle rims are drilled for 14G nipples, which prevents the use of E-Bike spokes due to their oversized body diameter.  The Reduction nipple solves this problem by allowing the use of larger diameter 13G spokes in standard bicycle rims. 

This product is essentially a conventional 14G nipple drilled with a larger diameter hole to accommodate 13G spoke wire.  Reduction nipples are only available in brass due to their thinner wall thickness.  Brass is an excellent material choice for nipples due to its superior corrosion resistance and high strength. Silver nipples are nickel-plated for a long lasting high quality finish.


Technical Information:

  • Weight: 32 nipples weigh 30.6g; 0.96g / nipple
  • Material: Brass
  • Color: Black, silver
  • Length: 13.5mm
  • Thread gauge: 2.3mm(13g)
  • Wrench interface: standard 0.127" (3.23mm) across flats


  • Minimum order quantity is 20 pieces (price is per nipple).

1 Review

Ced Jan 3rd 2020

Great product

The product arrived fast and allowed to strength my e-bike rear wheel. Original spokes were 14 gauge and after 3k miles, spokes were starting to break one by one.
Switching to a 13 gauge should strength the wheel for many miles to come.

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