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Wheelbuilder AeroJacket Disc Covers 

Convert your training wheel into a race day disc wheel. Wheelbuilder AeroJacket covers can be custom trimmed to fit most road wheels. AeroJacket disc covers are easy to install and provide wind cheating aerodynamics at a fraction of the cost of a disc wheel. Custom trimming is available for all PowerTap models so you can train and race on the same wheel. Check out our aerodynamic test results for detailed wind tunnel data and wheel comparisons.

STEP 1: Determine Wheel Compatibility - Please read the following information.

  • Your wheel must have 5mm minimum clearance between the largest cog on your cassette and the drive side spokes.
  • If the space is less than 5mm rubbing will occur between the chain and the cover.
  • The best place to take your measurement is from the top of the largest cog to the nearest spokes on the drive side.

STEP 2: Input Rim Dimensions - Please read the following information.

  • Measure rim depth. Rim depth includes brake track as pictured below. Most rim manufacturers publish this information for aero wheels.
  • Measure rim width at the widest point. 
  • Any additional information about your wheel Brand, Make, Model, and Year should be input in the text field.

What's Included:

  • Drive side cover: flatter disc half; has "align valve stem here" decal.
  • Non-drive side cover: lens-shaped disc half; has valve stem hole cutout.
  • 10 plastic fasteners: (male/female screw post fastener pairs); 8 to do the job + 2 spares. Additional hardware is available.
  • 2 valve hole cover: vinyl adhesive backed material.

Common Accessories:

Ordering: Please provide wheel and hub  BRAND, MODEL and YEAR if possible for your rear wheel.  We trim each cover individually based on the dimensions of your wheel and hub information. Please use the text fields at the bottom for any additional instructions or information about your wheel.

Installation and Troubleshooting:


  • The covers might not lie completely flat when they are trimmed extremely small. This applies to very deep profile rims in excess of 80mm.
  • A rim height of at least 16mm is required.
  • Disc covers are not intended for continuous training use. Remove covers between races.
  • DO NOT use Loctite on fasteners. Loctite will disintegrate the cover material and cause fasteners to pull through.
  • AeroJacket Disc Covers take 2-3 business days (M-F) to fabricate. Please account for 2-3 business days (M-F) fabrication time when choosing an appropriate shipping method.


5 Reviews

Ty Shesky Oct 12th 2019

Aerojacket well worth it

Definitely faster with this on my rear wheel. Tried it out for a test ride and it seemed like I went about 1mph faster than normal on my Tri bike! Well worth it from what I’ve experienced. Looking forward to trying it in a race!

Tom Jones Aug 8th 2019

Works perfectly

It fits perfectly and works exactly like I had hoped. I'm going to order a second one for my wife as soon as I can.

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