Wheelbuilder is focused on bicycle wheels and wheel-related products.

Our goal is to provide extremely high quality products and services through careful quality control and parts selection. Every wheel, whether hand built by us or factory purchased goes through a rigorous measurement, inspection, and adjustment process. These procedures ensure that each wheel meets our exacting standards for radial and lateral runout, as well as maximum spoke tension and most importantly, tension uniformity. While this process consumes a considerable amount of time, we feel it is the only way to guarantee that your wheels are reliable and perform to their potential.

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You get the wheel that best fits you.

At the heart of every successful wheel build is an understanding of our customer's needs. Because every application is unique, Wheelbuilder believes it is necessary to communicate with each customer prior to beginning a custom wheel build. This process allows us to help our customers select ideal components based upon riding style, weight, durability, and of course budget.

Uniform spoke tension is the heart of every perfect wheel

Spoke tension uniformity is critical to maximum power transfer and durability of high performance wheels. Although you can purchase wheels that appear straight, it is impossible to determine uniform spoke tension by observation. Few wheel builders have the equipment, experience, or the time necessary to ensure tension uniformity. Our build process includes extensive spoke stress relief, careful tension measurements, and meticulous adjustment. By utilizing our own software to continuously monitor spoke tension during the build process, we are able to produce consistent wheels every time. The end result is a perfect structure that efficiently transfers power and maintains its integrity after thousands of cycling miles.

Wheelbuilder Culture

Wheelbuilder values honesty and integrity and everyone here has extreme pride in our workmanship. The emphasis at every level of Wheelbuilder is passion and heart for the work performed. Our workplace is a fun environment with a friendly, dedicated, proactive staff. 

Please contact us by email or call our office directly at (626) 442-4444 to discuss the custom wheel that's best for you.