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Zipp 333 track hubs were redesigned to improve stiffness required for the rigors of track racing. The 333 makes use of oversize bearings and axle to maximize lateral stiffness. The rear hubshell incorporates asymmetrical hub flanges to help balance left/right spoke tension.

Hub flanges of the 333 are angled inward to provide a smoother path from a j-bend spoke straight to the rim.

The 333 hubset is easy to service as well. Removing the wheels from the bike is handled with a common 6mm Allen wrench. Likewise, axle locknuts are made to interface with standard open end wrenches, rather than cone wrenches to make bearing access easier.

Technical Information:

  • Weight: 270g
  • Hole count: 24, 28
  • Drive Compatibility: Single Fixed Gear, 1.29"x24TPI Shimano Locknut
  • Non-Drive Flange Spoke Circle Diameter: 58mm
  • Drive Flange spoke Flange Spoke Circle Diameter: 70mm
  • OLD: 120mm
  • Axle diameter: 17mm
  • Bearings: Non Drive side 6903, Drive side MR17287
  • Matching 333 front hub available here

Inventory Note: We stock a wide variety of Zipp hubs, however our inventory fluctuates daily. We may need to order hubs with an average lead time of 2-7 business days. Some hubs may take longer. If your order is time sensitive we encourage you to contact us for up to the minute product availability and shipping lead times.

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