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The 303 NSW Carbon Clincher Tubeless Rim features a wider 19mm internal rim width and corresponding outer rim shape for aerodynamic optimization with 25mm tires. This rim allows you to run tubeless or traditional clincher tires. The benefits of tubeless include superior flat protection, the ability to run lower pressures, and a smoother ride with high cornering grip and low rolling resistance.

The versatile 303 NSW was designed light enough to fly up climbs, tough enough to excel in the cobbled classics, and with dramatically improved braking performance for the most technical descents. The 45mm deep 303 NSW is built for a singular purpose: To be fast, everywhere.

Zipp's ImPress™ graphic technology prints graphics directly on the rim rather than using a traditional decal that would otherwise partially fill in and negate the design purpose of the dimples. ImPress™ graphics also give NSW a distinctively stealth look.

All  NSW rims feature the Zipp Showstopper™ molded-in, textured brake track with silicon carbide particles suspended in the surface resin. Showstopper™ delivers predictable modulation and quick stopping in wet and dry conditions.

Wheelbuilder has more experience building Zipp wheels than anyone outside the Zipp factory.  As a factory authorized service center with over 20 years, and thousands of Zipp builds, in our knowledge base Wheelbuilder is uniquely qualified to handcraft a custom Zipp wheel for almost any application.  Whether you're looking for heavy duty wheels to improve durability, further weight savings for the ultimate climber, or unique colors and hub combinations to match your style, we can help personalize your next Zipp wheelset. 

While Wheelbuilder doesn't offer the Zipp 303 NSW Carbon Clincher Tubeless Rim for individual sale, we can custom build your dream set of Zipp wheels using this rim. Please visit our Custom Zipp Carbon Road Wheels page to configure your next set of Zipp wheels. 

Rim Specifications:

  • Weight: 475g
  • Tire Type: Tubeless Clincher ready
  • Available hole count: 18, 24
  • Rim depth: 45mm
  • Max width: 26.50mm
  • Brake track width (center): 26.40mm
  • Internal width: 19mm
  • Max tire pressure: 125psi / 8.62bars
  • Dimpled surface: ABLC SawTooth™
  • Decals: ImPress™- Laser printed on rim, non removable

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