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Crankbrothers partnered with top industry rim designers to produce their Synthesis line of carbon MTB rims.  Synthesis rims feature ride tuned carbon cross sections that provide both ride comfort and compliance to significantly improve grip in loose and choppy terrain. 

Crankbrothers Carbon MTB Rim highlights at a glance.

  • Mountain bike's first tuned carbon wheel system for Cross Country, Trail, Enduro and DH riding and/or racing.
  • Front and rear specific wheels tuned and optimized to address the specific performance requirements and loads of mountain bike riding. 
  • Compliant tuned front wheel improves handling and maximizes control in turns. Wider front rim supports increased tire volume to further enhance cornering grip.
  • Stiff tuned rear wheel supports peak loads and enhances stability and tracking at speed. Narrower rear rim improves rolling resistance, and sharpens cornering feel.
  • Crankbrothers Synthesis carbon rims feature a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Wheelbuilder Custom: We understand the online selection process can be challenging.  Our custom wheel pages were developed with intelligent filters that reduce the seemingly endless number of hub combinations to those that apply to you.  Plug in your basic axle, frame and brake requirements within any of our custom wheel pages, and let our smart filters show you the possibilities. We invite you to take a journey exploring the range of hub options available for your next custom build. 

Not sure what to choose? Call (626-442-4444) or email us. Our expert sales staff are always happy to discuss component options and make recommendations for optimal performance.

IMPORTANT: Base package includes Crankbrothers carbon MTB rim, DT Swiss 350 disc hub, Black bladed spokes*, Black brass nipples, tubeless rim tape, and labor. 
* Standard build includes heavy duty bladed spokes (Aerocomp or CX-Sprint) to maximize lateral stiffness. Lighter weight bladed spokes (Aerolite or CX-Ray) can be substituted with some trade-off to lateral stiffness.

Technical Information:

  • Hub Offerings: Select your Rim, Axle, and Brake type from the drop down menus then allow our smart filters to sort compatible hubs for your application.  For more detailed information on any of our MTB hub offerings please visit our MTB Hub Category.  
  • Spokes: Wheelbuilder caries a wide range of high quality spokes from leading manufacturers. We select the exact spoke model and manufacturer based on a combination of your selected spoke type as well as hub flange thickness and spoke hole diameters.  If you have a specific brand preference please leave us a note in the comments field.  
Crankbrothers MTB Rim Comparison
Rim model Size Internal/External Width Depth Weight Hole Count Application
XCT-Front 29er  26.5mm/31.1mm 19mm  360g 28 XC, Trail
XCT-Rear 29er  24.5mm/29.5mm 19mm  360g 32 XC, Trail
E- Front (27.5"), 29er 31.5mm/37.5mm 18mm  (490g), 525g 28 AM, Enduro, Trail
E -Rear (27.5"), 29er 29.5mm/36.5mm 18mm  (490g), 525g 32 AM, Enduro, Trail
DH - Front (27.5"), 29er 31.5mm/38.7mm 18.75mm  (590g),610g 28 Enduro, DH
DH - Rear (27.5"), 29er 31.5mm/39.5mm 18.75mm  (590g),610g 32 Enduro, DH

About Our Custom Builds:

All Wheelbuilder custom handbuilt wheels pass through our exacting quality assurance process, which includes full tension analysis with meters designed, built and calibrated in-house. Modern engineering production methods adopted from automotive and aerospace manufacturing are used to guarantee accuracy during each step of our build process. No detail in our assembly or quality assurance process is left to chance. Learn more about The Wheelbuilder Difference.

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